It’s every Youtuber’s goal to become viral, isn’t it? Get your video out there, have it seen by the masses, and hopefully make your point known or product recognizable. What about on Twitter?In his post, 5 Steps to going viral on Twitter, Dan Zarrella lists some helpful tips on how to do just that–become viral on Twitter.

1. Call to action: If you want to be re-tweeted–ask. According to Zarrella’s research, the word “please” is over 5 times more likely to appear in a re-tweet than in an original tweet. For example, “please RT.” Sounds easy, right?

2. Timing: There are certain times of the day and week that are proven to have a higher rate of RTs. If you want something retweeted post it during the early morning and at the beginning of the week.

3. Links: Studies show that almost 70% of all RTs contain a link.

4. Social Proof: People want some sort of reassurance that what they’re seeing is worth their time. The more people you get to RT your words, the more social proof there is that it is worthwhile.

5. Value: Make sure what you’re RTing and asking people to RT is valuable to them in some way. Zarrella makes note of a few different RT’s he considers valuable to the follower.

If people are following you and retweeting your tweets, you’re getting your brand and ideas out there. And it can’t hurt to have people interested in what you have to say, right?